BSLS Program

 What is the BSLS Program?

The Big Sib, Little Sib Program (BSLS) is a program that pairs up a freshman/first-year transfer student with an upperclassmen. The purpose of this program is to build a mentor-mentee relationship between the Little Sib and the Big Sib.

What is a Big Sib?

A Big Sib is an upperclassman whose duty is to guide and familiarize the Little Sib with the academic and social aspects of the university. He/she may do so by informing the Little Sib about the different kinds of resources offered on campus (SRCC, South Hall, Library, etc), recommending classes, or advising the student about their academic career. The Big Sib may also invite their paired Sib to Hmong Student Union events or other organizations to encourage social involvement. The expected responsibilities of a Big Sib is limitless; he/she may assist the student with their housing questions, financial challenges, or personal concerns.  The Big Sib is essentially there to provide support for the Little Sib, ensuring him/her a smooth transition to the college life.

What is a Little Sib?

A Little Sib is a freshman or first-year transfer student whose responsibility is to keep contact with the Big Sib and take the initiative to ask questions about any concerns that he or she has. The purpose of this relationship is to help the Little Sib maneuver comfortably through their first year of college. Any academic challenges that the Little Sib may not feel comfortable confiding in with other officers, friends, or advisors may use their Big Sib as a resource.

The Benefits of the BSLS Program

Aside from the mentoring aspect of the program, the BSLS Program also coordinates fun and interactive activities for the pair. Events are specifically organized for the Big Sibs and Little Sibs, and are meant to help establish a stronger bond between the two. Examples of events that have been held in the past are:

  • Speed Dating
  • Cooking Competition
  • Sardines
  • Capture the Flag

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