2016-17: A Moment of Exploration

A Brief Look at CED 2016-2017

Each year a theme is chosen as the focus point of the conference. This year we are proud to present to you our theme, A Moment of Exploration. Students had an opportunity to explore not just only UC Davis, but also the reasons that led them up to this point in their academic life. Evening workshops were dedicated to challenge high school students in reflecting on who they were, who they are now, and who they will be in the future. This event aims to give all students a space for individual development and a space to learn from each other. By informing and helping them be aware of their space and foundation, they will be able to retain themselves and know their support. 

This year, Judy Chang and Shang Her accepted over 16 students for this intimate experience. This 4 days and 3 nights conference is definitely 1 of the best memories to remember.

Officers arrive to sign in CED students
Younai beginning the night with his motivational workshop. Students are asked to come up in front of their CED peers to say one thing that makes them unique.
A glimpse of all the smiling faces! Led by one of the officers, this yarn activity shows that we are all connected and similar in some way.

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Most activities throughout the event helped students realize the similarities they share. In this activity, however, students are shown how different they are.
The struggles and differences, however, make each and every one of these students unique and strong!
Mentors and mentees head out to grab boba!
A trip to downtown Davis with three of the mentees!
Pictured are two students shadowing their mentors in a calculus class.

Mentors and Mentees! 

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Students and mentors hanging out after a long day of activities. Bbqing, swimming, and talking, everyone is all about having FUN!