Community Outreach


The Hmong Student Union serves as a resource to the community through cultural and educational awareness.

With wonderful volunteerism and commitment of our members, HSU has been able to showcase Hmong culture to the Davis community through various public activities such as: traditional Hmong dance performances, Hmong cultural nights, informational historical nights on Hmong customs and history, and involvement in multicultural events.

The pursuit of higher education has been and still is a difficult plight not only towards HSU members but also throughout the Hmong community, thus we utilize our knowledge of the higher education system to our fullest advantage by sharing information to the community through group campus tours, student panels, mentoring programs, public event tabling, and educational workshops.

A Glimpse of Our Community Outreach Efforts


HSU officers tabling at a Fall 2014 Welcome resources fair.


HSU officers and members participating in the Lunar New Year Festival.


Members participating in a cultural discussion night about controversial topics in the Hmong community.


HSU’s dance group and members after the Asian Pacific Islander collaboration dance.


HSU tabling at the Oroville New Year Festival.

3 thoughts on “Community Outreach

  1. Susan Hang

    Hello HSU! I’m Susan Hang. Attending Monterey Trail High School as a Junior. I’m also in Hmong Club which is the Representatve. I was wondering if you guys can help & reach towards our school too! It will be great if you guys do!

    Susan Hang
    (916) 397-5311 cell

    • hsuorg

      Hi Susan!

      Hmong Student Union at UCD has a High School Conference coming up in the Spring. The High School conference consists of helpful workshops for Hmong students that are geared to inspire you all towards higher education and to develop stronger identities as Hmong American. Definitely check out our High School Conference page. Also apply to our annual scholarship! There are two prizes and they each worth $500 to fund towards the winners’ college educations.

      Coming up, we also have a College Experience Days event where high school students get to stay with college students and shadow them for a few days at UCD. Stay tuned for updates on it.

      -Eve Vang

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