Fall Welcome

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Partnered up with our sister organization, Hmong In Health (HIH), HSU would like to cordially invite you to join our annual Fall Welcome Barbecue. This social event hopes to familiarize you with the organization if you are an incoming freshmen, transfer, or interested student. Free food, sports, and interactive activities are provided to give you the best, social experience for the start of your Fall Quarter

Halloween Social

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Trick or Treat! The Halloween Social is an event where members can use their creativity to design their costumes and participate in the costume contest. There are games, prizes, and a short horror movie made by the HSU officers for members to enjoy.

Valentine’s Day Secret Admirer Social

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HSU members celebrate the joy of Valentines Day, by secretly admiring a fellow peer. Members are given a week to secretly exchange gifts, notes, and snacks up until the day of revealing.

Members’ Retreat

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The Members’ Retreat is a fun, get-a-away trip out of the Davis town where members spend their two nights bonding. Workshops are prepared with the purpose of reconnecting each person back to their roots and facilitating a discussion about the challenges of being a Hmong-American while navigating through the university. This safe space allows members to remember, reflect, and rebuild, all while exploring the beauty of the outdoors.

Masquerade Ball

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One of the biggest fundraisers of the year, the annual Masquerade Ball (or also previously known as the Rose Ball) is a time for the public to dress up in their most glamorous attire and attend a candle-lit, formal dance. All proceeds from the Ball will go towards our youth conferences, HYEC and CED.

Cultural Show

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The Cultural Show was started by Ia Lo, who wrote and directed the musical play. It has continued on for three years, providing the public with an entertaining and heartfelt show. All actors and actresses—HSU members—showcase their vocal talents and work hard to depict the challenges and beauty of the Hmong community.


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Olympiad is a fun-filled event where members can form groups to compete in sports tournaments and mini-games, and get a chance to get their names engraved onto the trophy. All the intensive sports are meant to help each player discover their inner athlete and encourage them to be active. This friendly competition welcomes all level groups (beginner or skilled) and only hopes to give everyone a memorable experience.

 HYEC / CED Conferences

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HYEC and CED are our two biggest youth conferences held either separately or together, depending on the decision of our Youth Coordinator. These two events focus on educational and cultural exploration, and hope to bring the youth, members, and parents all into one picture. To find out more about these conferences, you can take a look at our HYEC and CED page.

End of the Year Banquet

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After a long and well-spent school year, HSU members gather to relive, celebrate, and appreciate all the memories. The End of the Year Banquet is also a time to acknowledge the many accomplishments of the dedicated members, current officers and welcome the new, incoming officer elects.




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