2015 Conference: CED and HEC

College Experience Days (CED) & Hmong Empowerment Conference (HEC)
(Formerly known as Hmong Youth Empowerment Conference)

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For 2015, we have decided to split our annual conference into TWO separate events: College Experience Days (CED) & Hmong Empowerment Conference (HEC).

CED will take place on April 1-3 and is a 3 day, 3 night event, where High School Students are given the opportunity to “shadow” or observe a college student in their day to day activities. This includes going to class or eating lunch. CED also encompasses a variety of workshops and discussion on Hmong culture, identity and higher education.

HEC will take place on April 4 and is OPEN to the PUBLIC. We welcome the community from parents, siblings, or friends, to join the Hmong Student Union on the UC Davis campus where will we have a variety of interactive workshops, resources fair, and guest speakers. Most important, we will offer a variety of yummy food.

“Still I Rise, Still WE Rise”

This year, our theme “Still I rise, Still WE Rise”, is inspired by a poem called “Still I Rise” written by Maya Angelou.

[stanza 8 – Lines 29-32]
Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise

Meaning of our theme:
We chose to keep “Still I Rise” while adding “Still WE Rise”. Maya Angelou talks from an individual point of view using the word “I” when she writes “I Rise”. This is important because it shows her assertiveness, and speaking up against the racial oppression of her community: the African American diaspora. But the message still resonates within all communities of color. In terms of the Hmong community, we can interpret this to the Vietnam War, and specifically the Secret War.

In addition, the next part to our theme is ‘WE’ rise because our vision is for everyone to rise together as a community and to rise up against our struggles.

For further inquiries regarding CED/HEC 2015 please contact either of this year’s following CED/HEC coordinators:
Shantal Moua shamoua@ucdavis.edu
Sophia Yang tmfyang@ucdavis.edu