HYEC 2014



HSU’s first annual youth conference was held in 1993 and has continued to inspire and educate several high school and middle school students around the area.

Our annual Hmong Youth Empowerment Conference (HYEC) aims to inform, educate, and demonstrate to Hmong youth in high school and middle school about higher education opportunities that are available to them after high school. Every year we hold workshops to create a space where we are able to address and discuss issues within the Hmong community, learn about the roots of our Hmong heritage, and promote higher education.

A Brief Look at HYEC 2014


Students attending a workshop about self-esteem, positive body image, and learning to love oneself.

10271192_739442699434188_590505906157376670_oStudents attending a workshop about origins of Hmong clothing and where they come from.

10169237_651143824938635_7235534872986236222_nBefore a potluck style lunch students gather for a fun ice breaker to pass the time.

1795759_651143058272045_8808905725375285895_nEveryone gathering for a delicious lunch made by volunteers, members, and students.

10154522_651148718271479_8273983003483389145_nMost of the group after a workshop held by SAFE about family dynamics.1911810_10102293293742784_793405375715329028_n

On the day of the conference students take a look at the exhibits during lunch time.

10262207_10203544007983902_370496516442991815_nThe final group photo of HYEC.

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