2016-17: The Ties that Bind


A Brief Look at HYEC 2016-17

Coordinated by Judy Chang and Shang Her, The Ties that Bind invited over 40 students to UC Davis on January 14th for the 25th annual HYEC.

The Ties that Bind is the idea of understanding our history to learn why our culture, language, and traditions are so important, acknowledging the generational gap between our older and younger generations, and how our history ties into our pursuit of higher education and who we are.

“K(NO)W HISTORY, K(NO)W SELF” to understand what the generations before us has gone through, and figure out what we can do to preserve it and move forward.

All the students gather around at the Social Sciences Building before the workshops begin
Dr. Moua leads the workshop, Education is Power and a Q&A session with students
Mayor Steve Ly welcomes the students to his Q&A workshop and talks about the challenges of higher education


Emily Thor teaches her students one of her choreographies during her Hmong Dance Workshop.
Students in Mary’s workshop focus on the importance of artistic expression
Students gather up in their Family Groups to discuss workshops, reflect, and ask questions